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About Timber Answers

Information about wood properties and uses has been generated through research and industry relationship for over 80 years. This has been compiled in an electronic database of recorded properties that generates unique factsheets for many timber species.

The advanced search is an interactive selection tool, allowing species to be filtered and sorted according to a number of common properties. The resource covers more than 1,000 timbers although the store of information is greatest for the more commercially important timbers.

Timber Answers provides technical data to help builders, designers and engineers choose which timber to use. It enables growers and processors optimise use of the timber resource.

Timber Answers will help you find:

Physical and chemical properties

  • Density
  • Shrinkage
  • MOE and MOR
  • Hardness
  • Strength group
  • Joint group
  • Wood type
  • pH
  • Carbon content

Durability and pests

  • Durability class above ground
  • Durability class below ground
  • Lyctine susceptibility
  • Termite resistance
  • Marine borer resistance
  • Known health issues

Movement calculator

  • Predicted in-service shrinkage and expansion for specific timbers when transported between different global environments.


  • Government archive records of timbers uses.

Kiln schedules

  • Kiln drying schedules for several key commercial timbers.

Moisture content correction

  • Corrected moisture content for moisture meter readings for commercial timbers available in Australia.

Naming timber

  • Trade, local and botanical names, synonyms and name derivations

Using timber in Queensland

  • Specified treatment conditions for using different timbers in above- and below-ground applications in decay hazard zones across Queensland.